Artist Statement

Fabric still life, 
Oil on canvas

Art is an expression of one’s thoughts based on how individuals interact with their surroundings. My thoughts and ideas are often based on my ethnic background and/or my observation of nature. Fascinated by cultural traditions and ethnic values while growing up, my earlier works are based on my traditions and ethnicity. Some of them contain very detailed work and use of vibrant colors seen in my culture. Sometimes these works are also blended with natural forms. They are two dimensional and made on canvas. I also used some of embellishments on some of these works using a variety of materials. The image on the left is an oil painting on canvas based on fabric still life.

Installation view of the gallery

Excess to other art mediums such as wood, and metal made my art making three dimensional. These include site specific installation pieces made in wood or metal too. Picture on the right shows one of my recent wood installation projects titled “Personalities” that explored the relation between human and nature. Inspired by organic natural shapes seen in nature, I gave each small to large wood piece its own personality by installing it hanging suspended from ceiling filling up the entire installation room. I think it is important to understand this relationship humans have with nature in order to preserve it. Using large to small intricate shapes create a sense of unity, rhythm and sense of drama.


Printmaking is another medium that I explore. Etching and woodcuts are few of the techniques that I enjoy.  I create compositions of natural forms. Intricate details of flowers and natural forms sometimes go unnoticed. Enlarging it puts focus on it. The image on left is one of the examples of drypoint etching with mono print. 

Same as before, I continue to be inspired from my surroundings and reflecting on the same,  adding my thoughts form the  major ingredients of my art.