AENJ Conventions

Presented in Roundtable conference


I was part of roundtable conferences in 2018 conference, where I presented my fifth grade plaster lesson. It was a very meaningful experience to present my lesson to other art educators. This Britto inspired fifth grade lesson utilized recycled materials and plaster. My presentation table included hands-on practice for visitors interested in the lesson. The response was overwhelming.​

“Made in New Jersey” October, 2018

Session 1: Art can tell a Story
A great hands-on workshop that taught how with digital story telling tools can be used to enhance interaction with art history and education.

Session 2: Twitter for the Art Room
A lesson that focused on how to use Twitter effectively in art education to have parents, students, and administrators excited.

Session 3:“No Kiln, No Problem!”
This lesson gave an insight on how clay projects can be made without kiln.

Session 4: “Tips for securing a K-12 Art Teaching Position”
The instructor of this lesson wonderfully explained tips to secure a teaching position. It was really helpful in organizing my portfolio.

Session 5: “Oh Shoot! You Got The Job…Now What?
This lesson put light on all the unexpected situations new teachers come across and wonderfully gave shortcuts and solutions!

“Story and Art” October, 2016

Session 1: “Illustrating a Story/Narrative“
A very informative session that gave ample ideas of using narrative in artworks. Starting with thumbnail sketches, the entire process of developing a story board, the entire process was creatively discussed by the instructor.

Session 2: "Figure Drawing”
Lecture about figure drawing was very engaging. The instructor discussed possibilities of using gesture drawing for all level of students. My favorite part when suggested sticking large paper on wall to draw body contour of students at elementary level. Other topics discussed were caricatures, anatomy, and self portraits. 

Session 3: "Art, Story, and Social Good" 
It was a great session focused on importance of connection between art and the real world. This lesson put light on how we can make connections of art to real life situations.

“Full Steam Ahead” October, 2015

Session 1: "My First Year Teaching: What I Learned"
This session was very informative as it included ups and downs of first year of teaching experience shared by the instructors. I am actually planning to utilize some of the tips and tricks shared!

Session 2: "FLICKR for the Classroom"
This session put light on using FlICKR to showcase students’ art works that is very easy to utilize and access. 

​Session 3: "Wooly Willy: Magnetic Facial Proportions”
It This session showed how we can use non traditional materials in an art classroom. The instructor showed how to use magnets to show facial features.