Promoting Art in the community


Art Workshops at SBPL

South Brunswick Public Library (SBPL) offers variety of free enrichment programs each month. Topics of these programs are based on community's need and interest. Among these programs are art workshops for different age groups.
     Shilp Art hosted free art workshops at SBPL as part of community development, to teach oil pastels, and watercolor techniques to children ages 6-8 yrs. The lesson taught was a watercolor landscape with oil pastel resist. Lesson was broken down into steps, and children were to choose colors to use.


Fun Festival at SBPL

Family Fun Festival hosted by South Brunswick Public Library (SBPL) is an interactive event where families of the community participate and engage in different activities, gather information about other small businesses of the neighborhood. Shilp Art participated in such event in July 2011, July2015, and July 2016 to create awareness about art among children in the community. During this event, different art games and activities were designed to provide artful fun experience to children.


Wonderland Art Contest at SBPL

Shilp Art conducted Wonderland Art Contest(K-6) in partnership with SB Art, And South Brunswick Reads at South Brunswick Public Library in March 2012. As part of community development, my studio helped in organizing, and evaluating art works.